Puglia (Apulia) in Southern Italy is a verdant delight waiting to be discovered. White painted houses and stone farm buildings speckle the rolling countryside, animals graze between the olive groves and time passes slowly. Visitors can explore ancient ruins, historic sites and delightful villages or simply sit in the shade with a glass of wine, enjoy a lazy lunch or perhaps take a relaxing dip.

Whilst Puglia has much to offer, it is perhaps what it doesn’t have that is most attractive – it has yet to become a tourist hotspot, yet to be over-run with holidaymakers, yet to get the build them high and pack them in mentality that has blighted so many other destinations.

Vieste Baia San Felice HPEach area of Puglia has something of interest to the visitor. In the northern most part there is the Gargano peninsula, much of which is covered by National Park. The areas around Foggia and Andria retain a traditional agricultural feel with the former known as the ‘Granary of Italy’.

Near Andria is the historic Castel del Monte and to its south the Alta Murgia National Park lies inland with the city of Bari and it coastal neighbours facing the Adriatic. Iconic Alberobello and other trulli and whitewashed towns populate the Valle d’Itria. South and East from the ports of Brindisi and Taranto visitors will discover Salento, the heel of Italy.

Like all great holiday destinations, Puglia doesn’t just happen. There are events happening all the time throughout the Summer. We’ve collected many of the Puglia summer events here >>> to help you plan your holiday in Puglia.

So, visit now, enjoy the scenery, breathe in the fresh air, eat the pasta and smile.